The ICC has Provided Numerous Benefits to Marylanders

Traveling across the state of Maryland has been challenging for many years, and congestion and traffic jams are synonymous with our area. Fortunately, the ICC has provided many with easier routes and travel opportunities around our great state.  Hopping on the ICC to get to BWI airport, or to local areas such as Rockville, Olney, and Germantown has become easy for many, and the hours saved in commute time is easily worth the low price people have to pay to use the Inter County Connector.

The 520 Million Dollar build was often a “pipe-dream” for many.  This video below gives a complete overall breakdown of how the project came about, and how unsuitable areas were turned into highway.

The ICC connects residents of Maryland, and allows an easier form of  travel. Our goal through this website is to help you connect with local businesses off of the ICC, and give you updated information on what is ahead. Please check back for more information and we will keep you updated on all things involved throughout our great state.

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