Importance of the ICC to Maryland Businesses

Transportation has a vital impact on the success of many businesses. It links companies to their customers and suppliers. It is a competitive force in the business field. A company can be more successful than competitors thanks to excellent transportation links. Not only it physically connects a business to its chain partners, which is crucial to the distribution of goods, but also it has an impact on the satisfaction of customers with a particular company. 


Thanks to excellent transportation routes, goods can be moved from the location where they are produced to places where they are demanded with ease. Customers can have a particular product available wherever and whenever they demand it. If businesses want to increase their success, they need to satisfy the needs of their clients. If potential customers don’t have a particular product available when and where they want it, they might decide to purchase products from competitors. Businesses should focus on the organization, distribution, and transportation of their goods and services so that they can gain loyal customers. There is no need to mention that the more customers a particular company has, the more profits it will earn. That’s why it is crucial to have excellent transportation routes that allow products to be moved from one place to another with ease, and quickly. 


 If a company doesn’t have good road connection, it might have an adverse impact on its success. If it is not able to serve its customers properly, they might stop purchasing its products. One of the major sources of complaints is late delivery. Customers don’t want to wait for too long to receive desired goods. Also, in some cases, damage can occur to products while they are in transit. Late or damaged shipments can be quite frustrating to most customers, which leads to dissatisfaction. In these situations, many customers decide to buy goods from a competitor in the future. On the other hand, if a business delivers on time, and without damage, it will increase the confidence and satisfaction of customers.  


ICC or Maryland Route 200 has a significant impact on the success of Maryland businesses. It is a tolled freeway which connects Laurel in Prince George’s County with Gaithersburg in Montgomery County. The construction of this Intercounty Connector began in 2007, and its final segment opened in 2014.  It has made the lives of people living in Maryland much easier than before. Not only it relieves traffic congestion on local roads, which is especially beneficial during rush hours, but also it improves access to Baltimore-Washington International Airport. Additionally, it stimulates economic development of this area. When it comes to businesses, they enjoy many benefits of ICC. Thanks to it, distribution of products is much easier and faster than it was before, which leads to gaining loyal customers. It is especially relevant for perishables. Maryland Route 200 links companies to their suppliers and partners, and enhances the speed of product transportation. They can satisfy the needs and demands of their clients with ease and promptly. Another benefit of the Maryland Intercounty Connector is that it is cost effective. Companies can save a lot of money on transportation costs by using this route instead of a longer one.  


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