ICC Helps Connect to Local Businesses with Ease

Maryland Route 200, also known as the Intercounty Connector or ICC is a tolled freeway that is built to connect Montgomery County and Prince George’s County by bringing together two towns, Gaithersburg and Laurel. It is very important to mention that ICC is not simply a road, but a cost-effective way to connect to different business around Maryland. Better connection means you will have a higher chance of reaching better opportunities and have better community access. As congestion on Maryland roads increases, so does traffic delay, which is very bad for the local economy and rather frustrating to your customers. However, well-managed roads that operate at high speed will ensure more traffic passes your door, therefore, bringing more exposure for your local business. It will also provide a better shopping experience for you and your neighboring businesses.

The highway was originally proposed in the 1960s, but due to its complexity and certain financial issues, it couldn’t be completed until 2011. Although ICC was an old idea and some individuals consider it outdated, the citizens and government of Maryland have recognized this project as utterly important and have decided to remain on master plans and build the road.

Benefits of Using the Intercounty Connector

The ICC is the first all-electronic toll road in Maryland, meaning you don’t have to wait in long lines anymore to pay your tolls. All you need to do is to drive under the tolling structures, and the fee will be collected automatically.


Tolls are collected at highway speed, and they can vary – a higher toll is charged during peak hours, and a lower toll is charged during off-peak hours and overnight hours. This is done in order to help manage traffic volumes. It is important to mention this because it means you will actually spend a lot less time on the road and reach different locations a lot faster. Whether you are going to visit your relatives in Olney or you have to visit your chiropractor located in Fairland, the ICC has you covered.

This uniquely designed highway is created as a part of a growing effort by the government to improve how major transportation roads are managed. The idea behind ICC is to help improve the flow of interregional traffic and relieve the traffic congestion on local roads. However, ICC has also undoubtedly encouraged Maryland’s economic development by enhancing access to Baltimore-Washington International Airport. Although some environmental activists claim that the road negatively harms the environment, the Intercounty Connector doesn’t disrupt any ecosystems or communities through which it passes, and it significantly helps to establish normal traffic flow in Maryland. By establishing normal traffic flow and building better and high-quality roads, we are improving accessibility within local business and customers, and creating more business opportunities.  For example, better roads mean there will be more trucking. That will result not only in more jobs but also in more highly developed businesses. This road will also give Maryland the opportunity to attract more cargo traffic and to bring in more money.

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